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I just read a press release on my favorite on line mega giant life insurance agency, Selectquote, now offering quotes by simply texting your age into your cell phone. That’s it! Your age and you get a quote! How stupid is that?

If it’s really that easy then why don’t doctors tell you to stick your phone up your butt for an instant colonoscopy? Can someone please tell me how far Selectquote is going to completely remove themselves from professionalism and still claim to be a professional online life insurance agency?

If this is the route they are going to take then I think a company name change is due. How about

Let’s get real. If you text in your age and only your age you are going to get a quote that doesn’t even take into consideration your sex, your health, your family history, whether you’re currently in prison, or in a bar too drunk to drive . It won’t distinguish between you being in San Jose or Kandahar. It won’t take anything into account at all. So, why are they asking you to text your age for this ludicrous quote? SO THEY HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND CAN TEXT YOU INTO SUBMISSION!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!! Charan Singh, the CEO wants to make things more convenient for you. Not accurate. Not professional. Not anything but convenient. Well Charan, cylindrical phones for colonoscopies would be convenient too. Does that make them a good idea?

Bottom line. There is nothing professional or forthcoming about their latest idea. In my opinion they would serve the country better by offering more training to the agents they have and try a little customer service instead of gimmicks.