Before everyone jumps on this no exam life insurance offer, and I get a call from everyone who wants life insurance but doesn’t have time for an exam, let me preface the good news with this…excellent health is a must. The company making this offer also reserves the right to turn around and require an exam and full medical records if things look complicated.

No Exam Personal And Executive Life Insurance: The Details

Consider it: up to $2.5 million of term or permanent life insurance approved and in force within a few days. A fully underwritten policy with an exam, best case, is going to take 4-5 weeks, which makes this offering something of a minor miracle. When you further take into account that most companies that offer any non-med life insurance won’t offer their best rate classes, usually a standard rate at best, and that you can get this company’s very competitive best rate class with no exam or medical records, well gosh :).

I’ve been able to help thousands of professionals, business executives and family breadwinners get needed life insurance at prices that no one can beat. But now I can offer no exam  life insurance AND get it approved and in force, generally within two business days, sometimes the same day. But, darn it, only up to $2.5 million!

Larger personal and executive life policies would require an exam and full underwriting. My team has the fastest turnaround time on both regular and no exam executive and personal life insurance applications in the industry. We know how to get business and personal life insurance done, and done in a timely manner, no matter what the challenge with your health or situation.

Leading the Industry in Impaired Risk Life Insurance

In addition to this industry leading non-medical life insurance we are still staying on the cutting edge of impaired risk life insurance. We recently got great life insurance approvals on Gleason grade 7 prostate cancer- a giant step from even a few years ago. Until now, the line in the sand for life insurance companies has been a Gleason 6. Anything higher was a decline or an approval with a flat extra charge. This is great news for those who presented with a Gleason 6 on the needle core biopsy but on a surgical biopsy presented with a Gleason 7. Depending on the staging of the cancer we can get standard and better rates on both grades.

We also continue to lead the way in HIV positive life insurance for executives and professionals, seeing great approvals on those who have been diagnosed within the last 10 years and have great control. The limits can be as high as $10 million on that.

Bottom Line

Opportunities for life insurance approvals exist today that were unheard of 5 years ago. Let me and my team find the best possible approval for you or your business. If you have questions or would like a quote please call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.