It wasn’t all that long ago that life insurance underwriters would automatically table rate any sleep apnea, obviously having a problem wrapping their minds around the fact that the client would quit breathing several, if not a lot of times every night.

The real problem of course is that, especially in more severe cases, the oxygen flow is interrupted enough to cause other health problems. In severe cases the larger picture warrants a serious look at how well controlled the apnea is and whether any collateral health issues have already started to occur.

But, I was pleased this last week when I shopped a case for a man with truly mild sleep apnea. He has been using a cpap for about 3 years now and in his case, not because he was told to, but because he was given the choice of not treating the apnea or voluntarily using a cpap. When we presented the sleep study and the quote request we got four offers from companies for the best rate class and two offers at the second best rate class.

In the recent past we have been able to get generally two preferred plus offers on mild to moderate sleep apnea with no other risk factors from Prudential and Reliastar. While this was an exceptionally mild case with O2 saturation near 85% and the instances of apnea averaging about 10 an hour, it is promising to see other companies in the mix.

Bottom line. There is interest out there in providing life insurance at very fair rates for those with sleep apnea. I’ve been very successful in helping people with sleep apnea lower the premiums they pay for life insurance. If you feel like you’re paying to much, request a quote or call me at 866-539-7914.