It’s been several months since there was any major movement on the life insurance underwriting scene for those with type 2 diabetes, but a major company today shattered that trend by announcing that are willing to approve at preferred plus rates within certain criteria. This certainly falls into one of those news worthy things that I would love to share with the American Diabetes Association, but they’ve made it clear that sharing good news is selling. DLife and TuDiabetes should pick up on it through Twitter.

The bad news is that it isn’t going to be for everyone. The good news is that a company would underwrite this aggressively for anyone with diabetes. It’s simply unprecedented.

From their head underwriter I got this underwriting synopsis, “60+ yr old Type 2 Diabetic, duration 5 years or less. Excellent control as measured by the A1c, on oral med or diet treatment. Balance of medical history favorable and no associated complications. All other factors fit Super Preferred. Case approved Super Preferred.” And while one case doesn’t make a trend, we have had one case approved under this scenario and all indications are that this will be their stance for the foreseeable future.

Being the careful kind of guy that I am I asked for clarification. I asked for clarification on what is considered “excellent control”? Answer was 7.0 A1c or less. How long does that A1c have to be at that level to qualify for best rates? At least six months. If the client doesn’t qualify for super preferred but meets all other criteria, how is their rate class determined? If the diabetes falls within the age and control guidelines given, they would qualify for whatever rate class they would get in the absence of the diabetes.

I know all of those younger than 60 will be crying foul, but keep in mind that we have been very successful at getting younger clients better than standard approved rates provided the control is excellent and there aren’t other risk factors that would bump them higher. It gives me hope that better news may come soon for those under 60.

Bottom line. We need to take this for what it is, great news. Call a knowledgeable independent agent today.