What I have hoped to drive home over the past several posts on women and life insurance is really that there is very little difference between men and women and the needs they are trying to meet.

I’ve tried, and I hope accomplished, explaining why there is absolutely no logical grounds for undervaluing what the economic loss would be if a wife, a mother, or a female business person passed away. Husbands are guilty of this and male life insurance agents, and I dare say that I have even seen female life insurance agents fall into this nonsensical line of thinking. We need to get over the sex thing and start looking objectively at exactly how life insurance needs should be computed. What is the economic loss caused by a premature death?

Bottom line. Women are a driving force in the world and in the life of every man who is fortunate enough to be married. Don’t discount their value and never underestimate the financial and emotional role they play. If you’re a single woman, a single mother, or a business woman, consider carefully how you want things to go if you aren’t there to see it through.