I can remember when life insurance was sold from vending machines in airports. “Flight” insurance I think they called it. Really put my mind at ease.

While that has come and gone, some travel still carries with it a risk worth considering. With our global economy it is very common today for business people to have to go places they might prefer not to. I mean, given a choice, I might choose not to sell life insurance in places where car bombs are a regular occurrence and kidnapping is pretty routine. But there are all sorts of business opportunities in developing countries and in spite of the risk, there are plenty of people working to earn that business.

And then there is the new gold rush. People used to drop everything and run off to the wilderness to find gold. These days people are running off to do just about any kind of work in war zones, following the call of big bucks and tax breaks.

It’s important to note that anyone who had life insurance in force prior to deciding to venture in either of these directions is likely fully covered by that insurance even though they are knowingly heading into harms way. The key is whether their was intent or anticipation of doing this type of travel at the time the insurance was taken out.

But for those whose businesses have expanded into less than stable markets and need extra coverage, there is high limit accidental death insurance that covers acts of war and terrorism and there is also kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance.

For those who are taking advantage of the opportunities for high paying work in Iraq and other countries, the high limit AD&D is a good, reasonably priced life insurance whether it is primary or supplemental.

Bottom line. Sometimes opportunities come up and the prudent thing to do for your family is to make sure that the anticipated reward is also covered for the potential risk.