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I never stop looking on behalf of people who just can’t seem to get an offer on life insurance. I’ve literally work for years before finding a client the policy they needed.

Because I didn’t have a company that would touch it, I have literally had to turn down dozens of people who were headed to Iraq to work for civilian contractors. I have had numerous inquiries from people that were actually on the ground in Iraq asking about life insurance coverage.

First of all I would like to say that there is no substitute for good planning. These people should have had life insurance in force well before they thought about going to Iraq. They were all adults with responsibilities, which I think pretty much defines most people who should already have life insurance.

Having said that, once you actually accept a job in Iraq, the thought might even cross my mind that more is better. And now we have a way to meet that need. Some relatively easy criteria need to be met, but Iraq, Afghanistan, African countries that are life insurance nightmares, all possible.

Bottom line. It’s a dangerous world. Some places more than others. Most life insurance companies don’t want any part of your intended foreign travel to the dangerous places. I’ve found one that does!