Bait and switch! The practice of sucking someone into the sales process by offering something attractive with the full knowledge that you (the salesperson) can’t come through with that offer in the end.

Bait and switch is a favorite topic of those who whine about life insurance and life insurance agents. So, why does it work? Why do people jump at prices that deep down they know they don’t qualify for, and then get mad when they don’t get those rates?

Cutting right to the chase on this, it’s because people don’t want to hear the truth. Given the choice of two agents, one who quotes a standard rate because you’re obese and that is what you qualify for, and one who quotes you rates that Superman would die for inspite of the fact that he and you know you don’t qualify, you won’t even return the call to the one who quoted it accurately.

Common sense goes out the window and somehow people believe that the agent that is being honest is really out to burn you. This scenario is plays out most often with two groups, those who smoke and those who are overweight. They inquire about life insurance and, when sent the rates they inquired about, they refuse to return calls. It’s like life insurance is really important to them, as long as they can get it cheap.

It often makes me wonder if these guys ever discuss this with their wives. “Well honey, I really wanted to make sure your future was secure, and I was ready to get the job done at $40 a month, but darlin, it’s going to be $80 a month because I’m fat, and frankly your future just isn’t worth that much. Well, yah, I could have cut down the amount of insurance to make it affordable, but if I can’t give you the whole thing, I just don’t want you to have anything.” Allrighty then!

Or they go with the agent that quotes them rates they can’t get, and when that doesn’t come through they just drop the whole thing. Another way to stay uninsured.

Bottom line. Get real. If life insurance was the same price for everyone, no matter what their health, it would have to be very expensive for everyone. Life insurance rewards good health and habits. Don’t BS yourself into believing that if you go with a low quote and just stay real quiet, you’ll actually get those rates approved. If someone quotes you low rates and someone quotes you higher rates, find out why the agent quoted higher rates. Consider it. It may be reality even if it’s not what you wanted to hear.