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I was watching a program last night on the History channel called Life After People. The premise was that some event, such as a pandemic, would occur that would finish off all the people but leave the plants and animals intact. With people out of the way, animal, plant and fish life would make a comeback and rule the earth unfettered by man and all of the pollution and over use of resources that come with him.

I, of course, turned the title around in an attempt to once again address the issue of what happens when a person of responsbility dies without life insurance. What happens to the people left behind after that life ends?

Usually we are talking about the primary breadwinner of a family, or at least one of the two breadwinners that keep the boat afloat. What is immediately felt is a drain on any savings as the final expenses are dealt with. Keep in mind that the day of $5000 final expense bills has long since gone. It is now very common, with a funeral, estate probate costs, and final medical bills, for $50,000 to be a moral realistic amount.

Then comes the first missed payday and the reality of the missing breadwinner sets in. There are bills and mortgages to be paid. There is food to buy. There is life to get on with and at best, that challange will be met with only half of what was available before. With 80% of families living paycheck to paycheck, this can be almost instantly devastating.

Choices have to be made. Savings have to be depleted, if there were savings left. Often assets such as retirement accounts and houses need to be liquidated or sold. Extras have to be cut. Things that were once taken for granted are now too expensive. The parent or spouse left behind may have to go back into the workforce, or take a second job.

Life as it was is changed for years, if not forever.

Life insurance can completely change that bleak picture, or at least take some of the pressure off of it.

Bottom line. Whether you are a spouse, a parent of dependent children, or an employer, the responsbility that is yours isn’t going to magically be taken care of should you die prematurely. With the cost of life insurance at all time