I had a situation come up about a month ago, just a few days after being diagnosed bipolar II. It was amazing how quickly that diagnosis snapped a good bit of my teen and adult years into focus and I think in a lot of ways pointed a light at my business success and my lack of success in working for others in their business model. But the instance which has nothing to do with bipolar, or any other mood disorder life insurance, was an invitation by a friend (a friend diagnosed bipolar about 4 years ago)to go to Alaska to go salmon fishing.

I had not only learned about my bipolar II which in the whole scheme of things wasn’t a huge problem, but also that a brain trauma (TBI) last November had caused me to go from rather slow cycling depressive to hypomanic to a fast cycling manic depressive. It didn’t really switch the diagnosis but rather added an over riding diagnosis that complicated everything. So Bob calls and says let’s go to Alaska and catch salmon and we decide on dates and I get off the phone and buy tickets and then text him and say, “Bob, I thought I wasn’t supposed to make quick decisions post TBI?” He texts back and says, “It doesn’t count because we’re both bipolar”.

While that isn’t all of the story, everyone should go out and get a friend like Bob. But the discussion has come up in several circles of friends and business associates about how bipolar II has served me and my clients well in the life insurance business and how an amazing number of high functioning attorneys, physicians, dentists, business owners and CEO’s have also benefited by the hypo manic side of Bipolar II. Thankfully life insurance underwriters recognize the high functioning aspect and how the combination of good control and compliance with treatment help all of these professionals excel in spite of and sometimes because of mood disorders like ADD and ADHD.

Bottom line. Go fishing every chance you get and if you have a mood disorder that is well controlled and doing more good than harm in your professional life, don’t allow yourself mistreatment by a life insurance company or agent that doesn’t understand the inherent high functioning side of well-controlled mood disorders. If you have questions or need help getting to the best possible quote for your situation, or if you need your business life insurance yesterday due to a business loan that is closing, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.