I was talking to an associate I work with on travel insurance last week and he said that since Bin Laden’s death requests for acts of terrorism life insurance have gone up ten fold. It’s no big surprise I guess that people are concerned about retaliation and not knowing when or where that might happen they are buying coverage that will cover all the possibilities.

I can remember when there were life insurance vending machines in airports so a person could buy insurance just for that flight. It was quick, cheap and probably very seldom needed, but it gave peace of mind. Those were the good old days.

It’s a more complicated and scary world today, but protection and peace of mind are just as convenient. These days everyone has a laptop, Blackberry or Smart phone that can access a website where coverage for domestic or foreign travel, acts of terrorism or any kind of accidental death can be quoted and purchased on line.

Bottom line. It’s really remarkably affordable accidental death life insurance and can even cover dangerous activities like skydiving in some cases.