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I was just led to a website today that you should visit if you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Catchy URL! I got there by typing in Sure, It’s a link to an ad, but I’ve always been ok with advertisements if they also provide information that might just open some eyes.

I found their link to insulin myths to be both informative and kind of inspiring. I think there is a real tendency for those with type 2 diabetes to be wary or even scared of using insulin, thinking of it as a last resort. The truth is, not all diabetes reacts the same and whatever it takes to provide you the control you need, is what is going to keep your diabetes from escalating to collateral health issues.

When we discuss diabetes and life insurance, it is all about compliance, control and avoiding risk factors. If the addition of insulin provides the control and you are inspired enough by the control to be compliant with the treatment, risk factors will be avoided and a healthier life will be there for the taking. I’ve worked with plenty of type 2 diabetes clients who use insulin, and underwriters are very accepting of it, if control comes along.

Bottom line. Compliance, control and avoiding risk factors. The mantra of doctors and diabetes educators just happens to be shared by the life insurance industry. Don’t let anyone tell you that diabetes puts you out of the running for good insurance rates.