Last year it was all the students and teachers killed on the Virginia Tech campus. Before that, Columbine High in Denver. What about 9/11? Things like that are just so hard to fathom.

Who among us hasn’t received an email or a phone call telling us how a common friend and in some cases, whole families, have been taken in car accidents. There was a family from Denver
not too long ago who were involved in a multiple vehicle accident in a Wyoming snowstorm and out of the four, one daughter survived. A high school age girl who suddenly had no one.

And you see it so often in the news. A father in a family dies and donations are being taken to help those left behind because there wasn’t any life insurance. So often these things happen to young families who were living paycheck to paycheck anyway, and now there is no paycheck. If only someone in the family had taught them about the wisdom of life insurance and especially when a person is young, just how inexpensive it is. If only a parent or grandparent had offered to pay for it for a few years just to get them started.

Bottom line. A life lost too soon. That pain will start to fade only to be replaced by new pain. The struggle of a single parent left with nothing but bills. Not enough income. No life insurance. Have you talked with your young adult children about what they should do?