Ok, so occasionally I’m like a broken record (dated myself on that one) and can’t quite let go of an injustice. My Mom thinks that’s a good thing and my wife says as long as it doesn’t affect my blood pressure she’s good with it…so here I go again.

Well controlled mood disorders are not a criminal offense, yet there are only a handful of companies out there today that will offer preferred or preferred plus rates for treated, well controlled ADD, anxiety or minor depression. There are probably only two companies where a truly well controlled case of Bipolar II can get standard or better rates. I can’t even begin to fathom the number of people who are paying far too much or who have been declined for mood disorder life insurance. It boggles the mind when a client calls and tells me that they were given a standard rate because they took anxiety medication 10 years ago during med school.

It drives me right up a wall when the CEO or top executive of a company calls and tells me they can’t get life insurance because they were diagnosed with bipolar disorder 20 years ago. No hospitalization. Not even a fleeting thought of suicide. They take their medication and have a great family life and head companies with hundreds of people working for them. Yet an insurance decides that bipolar is unstable and bipolar is a decline. They don’t consider the individual at all. They look at their company underwriting manual and they just decline them.

Kind of getting out of hand. Reel her in Ed! But wait. With the economic mess that this country is in and the fact that so many people are just scraping by, isn’t it kind of anti-American to charge too much for life insurance? This is critical stuff. This is about families and futures and companies will overcharge you to death for as long as you can stand it or until you find an agent that will cut through the BS and get you an affordable policy.

OK, I just can’t make this whole post about the bad news from almost every life insurance company in the country. There is great news for those with well controlled mood disorders. While there aren’t a lot of companies that can do a great job for you, there are some and they are strong, healthy companies and they have enough capacity to absorb everyone that has been mistreated on life insurance due to something that isn’t impacting their life or anyone else’s life.

Bottom line. We’ve taken declines to affordable approvals, and unfair approvals to fair approvals for hundreds who are nothing more than a disorder with an asterisk next to it in most life insurance company underwriting manuals. If you think you’ve been treated unfairly call or email me directly. It doesn’t cost a thing to find out how much we can improve your situation.