The lure, even when we were in better economic times, to make the big bucks tax free overseas has always been huge. Whether it is pulling down big paychecks by working in middle east oil fields or civilian contractors rebuilding infrastructure in areas that are embroiled in war, the realization when you get there that you wish you had more life insurance hits home quick.

And there you are in a quandary. You’ve got the money to pay just about anything for the coverage and no one wants to cover you. You call 1-800 Civilian Contractor Life Insurance and no one answers.

We’ll tackle that problem in a minute, but first let me give you some good news. If you had plenty of life insurance in force before you had the idea to work for Parks and Rec in Libya, you’re still covered even though you take that job. All life insurance premiums assume that things can change. People who don’t smoke will start. Private pilots who fly right side up will start flying upside down, and people who have a perfectly safe job at home will get an offer to make big bucks in a dangerous place. As long as the insurance was in place before the plan to do it was anticipated, your life insurance will pay.

Now, back to your under insured, already employed in Afghanistan, life insurance problem. Here’s the deal. Most people when they get off the plane in Iraq or Afghanistan aren’t worried about dying from cancer or a heart attack. More than likely they had a very thorough physical before leaving and know they know they’re in great health. Let’s be blunt. Your concerns are about bombs, bullets and terrorists who will remove your head if they don’t get ransom.

So, if there was an affordable civilian contractor life insurance plan available that offered something like this:

* 24 Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage (AD&D)
* Choice of US$100,000 up to $1 Million Benefit Level
* Acts of Terrorism coverage is included
* Up to 12 months of coverage at a time

Imagine that, Iraq or Afghanistan life insurance for contractors… and it was affordable.  Would you be interested? Of course it always comes down to a person’s definition of an affordable life insurance plan. I just worked with a guy who is making $350,000 a year for a two year contract in Afghanistan. His wife likes the money but wasn’t satisfied that he had virtually no civilian contractor life insurance in force. He took the plan above for $750,000, with all of the options, and it will cost a little over $5,000 annually. They obviously both hope it won’t be needed but they are also both more comfortable knowing it’s in place.

Bottom line. If you’re already someplace where you aren’t feeling safe or if you have plans to go someplace where you know the mortality experience is elevated, get a free quote today. Apply and pay on line.