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Wow, what a day. I normally can focus on a topic and try to coherently share my thoughts on one life insurance subject or another, but today life is just gobbling up the energy I had set aside for that.

Tomorrow, three weeks after my wife’s hysterectomy, we are finally meeting with an oncologist to let us know what they really took out of her and what it really means going forward. She had/has some kind of cancer in her ovary. Of course that was taken out with the total hysterectomy, but the surgical pathology report says that one of the tumors was cut “intraoperatively”. They also say that they believe it is a Brenner tumor, but it also looks a lot like a transitional cell carcinoma, a bladder cancer. I don’t have to tell any of you have waited for this kind of meeting just how difficult it is.

I’ve mentioned before that my wife and I have been raising our granddaughter for close to a year now with a revocable guardianship. Our daughter showed up this weekend and threatened to take her away even though she is jobless, homeless and broke. I would be heartbroken if my granddaughter was jerked back into a life of chaos and poverty just to spite us.

And then this morning a friend of mine didn’t show up for a meeting. When his wife called to remind him he didn’t know what she was talking about. He has been in the hospital all day and they still can nail down why he can’t remember anything for more than about 30 seconds and a lot of his long term memory is gone also. Stroke? TIA?

Bottom line. Please, those of you who will, hold each of these situations up in prayer.