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It’s what we’re all looking for when we finally get around to the task of acquiring life insurance, a great deal. For each of us that can be defined differently. For many of my clients just finding a company that will approve a life insurance policy is a great deal. For most of my clients finding a life insurance company that will give their health, occupation or lifestyle a fair hearing a great deal. For others finding a company that will simplify the process and issue an approved policy quickly is the great deal. In a nutshell life insurance clients feel like they’ve found a good deal when they are treated fairly and know that their agent is their advocate and will work hard to secure their life insurance goal.

Being declined for life insurance is a troubling experience and probably the single biggest reason people don’t like and don’t trust life insurance companies. Over the years hundreds of clients have sought my help after being declined for life insurance or offered an absurd rate for an approved policy. I tell them and I’m telling you that this experience is far more common than it should be, but it isn’t necessarily the outcome they should have had. In every case it comes down to having used the wrong life insurance agent (how would you know they aren’t created equal?) who used the wrong company (again, how would you know?). So take heart and don’t give up. I have one client that was declined a whopping 6 times for life insurance before he found me and he now has an affordable, in force policy.

We also have products and companies for business life insurance that can work at the last minute. If you are a CEO that needs to provide life insurance for loan collateral and you were declined right before closing I can get a policy in force within just a few days so there are no business interruptions or missed closing dates. We can even help cannabis industry executives who are caught in the awkward no man’s land between state and federal laws.

Often people perceive their part in the life insurance application process will be cumbersome and time consuming. While the process is can take time, usually due to doctor’s dragging their feet in sending medical records, the client’s time is usually no more than a few hours to complete the application and complete an exam. That is on a tough case. For those in great health we can get a life insurance policy issued within a few days for up to $2.5 million with no exam required. While restricted to those with no health issues, definitely a great deal.

Bottom line. Maybe you haven’t heard good news about life insurance because you too have run into the wrong agent/wrong company problem. Or maybe you haven’t heard about getting $2.5 million of life insurance without an exam simply because most agents don’t even know about it. Whatever your life insurance need is, there is a path to a good outcome. If you have questions or would like to discuss your situation or get quotes, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.