The idea of gastric bypass surgery has often come in our forum when talking about the impact that obesity has on health and life insurance rates. The truth is that morbid obesity is so very hard on just about every part of a person’s health, that it just can’t be ignored and my personal opinion is that if it can’t be brought under control through diet and exercise, more drastic measures should be taken. You simply can’t afford to remain morbidly obese for too long.

I ran across a success story that I wanted to share. This, in words and pictures, tells of one person’s struggle with weight and their victory with gastric bypass.

From a life insurance standpoint, the most prudent choice would be to put life insurance in force even accepting the extra premium that goes with the weight. Lower rates are on the horizon, but generally companies will want to see at least one to two years of stable weight after the loss that occurs post bypass.

Bottom line. The human body is a magnificent, resilient thing, but it will eventually break down in the face of abuse. Whether that is smoking, drinking or eating yourself into poor health, the time will come.