Do we really want to even throw that question out there? How about we test out a few facts, throw some perspective on it and see how many of us want to move? The US spends more on health care than any other developed country….with worse outcomes! Well OK, but we are the US and if we can’t throw money at something with a worse income, well, we wouldn’t be the US, right? The World Health Organization ranks America 37th in the world for quality of healthcare, behind the oft criticized Canada at 30th and just nudging out our nearest Caribbean neighbor, Cuba, at 39th. The good news is we can now go to Cuba to get comparable health care and no doubt, and I mean no doubt at all, a fraction of the cost. The US ranks dead last among major developed countries in five major categories that wouldn’t be that big a deal if they weren’t that big a deal, Quality, Access, Efficiency, Equity and Healthy lives. At least we weren’t dead last in use of pain medication prescribed where, in case you hadn’t heard, the US smothered the rest of the world by using 95% of all opioid pain meds in the world.

So what’s the point? The point is it doesn’t have to be that way. If government and pharmaceutical companies would get it through their thick skulls that, honestly, most of us are just fine being born into and dying out of natural lives it would be a huge step in the right direction. Someone somewhere along the road decided it was best for us to have babies that are already reading at a 9th grade level and that living to 95 is a milestone worthy of all the medication and operations it takes (huh Dick Cheney?). How about this novel idea. Quality, affordable health care with a goal of providing us a good shot at living a normal life span? 80? I’m good with that. If I could play golf to 75 and die sinking a 30 footer I would be fine with that outcome. I had money left over to play golf!!

So let’s back up to that last study of the developed countries. Number one was England, home of the famous Lloyds of London insurance company. Lloyds has been at this insurance thing for 345 years, 50% longer than the US has been a country. The company offering the best medical, health care, accidental death, business life insurance, business disability and major medical products in the US is Lloyds of London.

Bottom line. I’m a proud American in so many ways and I love my country, but every once in a while there are times when we all ought to collectively wake up and smell the coffee. When I can come from another country and to work or go to school here, go on line at anytime of the year (not just enrollment periods), and buy better healthcare products than Obamacare offers, what the heck is with that? If you have questions or would like to know about products and services that beat the pants off all the ACA has to offer, call or email me directly, or better yet, just go online and learn about it and buy it. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.