Completing my interview of Will Millender, my hope is that his thoughts on obesity and it’s impact on life will help foster further discussion about the problem and how life insurance underwriters view it.

Question: We met through a blog about life insurance and weight issues. At your age 26, is life insurance something you care about?

I’m smart enough to know that if you get things like Life Insurance, or an IRA, or savings account at a young age, it will be more valuable to you than to do so than later on in life. The problem for me is more about money. When you’re making seven bucks an hour and working retail, it’s just not an option. I know I’ll need it. I know that it would be better to prepare now. But there are a lot of people in dire situations, and other, more immediate things take precedent over something long term like Life Insurance.

Question: I know in my first blog that you were one of two people, based on weight alone, that was uninsurable. You kind of blew that off as being funny. Is that really how you feel about being uninsurable?

Ha. It wasn’t funny that I was uninsurable, so much as it was that someone was writing about it. It was just something I didn’t expect someone to come up with. You sit there and search google everyday to read all the blogs where you name is mentioned, and it’s all about the drama on the show, or how inspired someone is to watch you and then all of a sudden, here’s some guy telling you that you can’t get life insurance. It was just random, lol. I’m happy though that I did find it because perhaps it puts Life Insurance more into perspective for me and I’m glad to have started to get to know you and I know that if I do ever decide that it’s the right time to make that decision, that there is someone that has my best interests at heart to contact.

Question: I believe you achieved your goal of losing 100#’s this week. Have you set a new goal? What would you consider your ideal weight to be? Do you believe it is achievable? Do you have a plan to get there?

(Unfortunately I’m still hanging on to 90 lbs. So let’s change the question to “You’re close to achieving your goal of losing 100 pounds, etc…)

I want to eventually be 250 pounds. I’m six feet two inches and I never wanted to be skinny. I’m always going to be at least the “husky” dude, which is where I feel I’ll be comfortable.

The thing I learned on the show is that I should set small goals, instead of worrying about 250. Right now I’m just near hitting that 100 pounds lost mark. Then When I hit 350 will be another victory. Then 300, etc… I’m hoping though that I will be at ideal weight by this time next year.

Question: You mentioned the idea of going to school to study in the nutrition field. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I’m always the type of person that wants to help people. It’s why I’m so good in the customer service field. I’m the person that everyone loved because I would get things done for them, or at least use the best of my abilities to try and solve the problem. So I feel that by going to school for nutrition, or even some type of counseling where I can motivate and help shape peoples lives, I could do a lot of good. I don’t have a set plan because I’m in a position where I have to figure out my day to day life right now. But the one thing I have now that I didn’t before is a vision. I had the idea when the march started of opening an after school center for fat kids where they can learn exercise, nutrition, self defense and goals. So perhaps by my change in vision, I will be able to achieve this idea. Perhaps I can make the impossible seem possible now.

Question: What projects are you working on now that the “march” is over?

Well the first thing I’ve done is create my own T-Shirt line. Since my nickname is the Champ, I’ve created a website where I’m selling shirts with designs that myself and my partner have come up with inspired by my nickname and personality.

I also had the privilege to meet Wendy Wright, on the show, who is a professional singer and who’s become a good friend. I recently went out to L.A. to go hang out with her, and we winded up writing and recording a song together that we’re trying to promote. The lyrics were inspired by our journey and the 10 other friends we’ve made along the way. It can be heard and downloaded on myspace at

And anyone that would like to contact me just to say hello, or would like a word of advice and/or encouragement, can contact me at my personal email address at

Again, my sincere appreciation to Will for his thoughtful participation in my endeavor to help people battling weight issues. I listened to the song and was impressed. I wish Will all the best and hope he will revisit our blog in the future for an update.