I have often made the life insurance underwriting comparison between diabetes and bipolar disorder. In simple terms, what is needed to get the best possible rates is compliance with prescribed treatment and good control.

The good control is of course different with diabetes control being measured through blood tests, specifically the hbA1c. Good control with bipolar is measured through social rather than laboratory measurements. Is a person able to function in society? Is there family and work life stable?

I came across a very informative site on bipolar disorder today in one of my frequent Google searches. One of their news articles discussed a link between bipolar and diabetes that I had not run across before. It seems that the instance of diabetes in bipolar individuals is nearly 3 times the national average.

The other criteria for life insurance underwriting of diabetes has to do with collateral health issues. In most cases we think of obesity, heart disease and kidney disease. In light of this news it sounds like a collateral issue of bipolar disorder could be diabetes. Not a friendly combination.

The other criteria that underwriters looks at in bipolar are past hospitalization and any suicide attempts. Anyone on disability for bipolar wouldn’t logically meet the threshold for good control.

Bottom line. Both issues are ultimately insurable at fair rates given compliance and control. We’ve now helped enough individuals in both areas that we are confident that people are being declined by the wrong companies simply for being diabetic or bipolar. The right companies are out there and an independent agent can help you find them.