I know Selectquote blows a cork every time I say something about them, but I have contended in the past that their after the sale customer service is non existent and I would just like to reiterate that point.

As discussed in a recent post, there is actually great value to having your life insurance reviewed annually. It only takes a few minutes and can help ensure that your policy is still set up to meet your needs and wishes, and can also potentially save you money if a better rate has come available.

I am working with a client that got their last term insurance policy through Selectquote 10 years ago. He had actually contacted me because he had read about customer service in a blog post and on our website. When I asked him about his customer service experience with Selectquote he shared that since he bought the policy 10 years ago they hadn’t called, written or emailed.

Bottom line. This customer needs to have his life insurance for a longer period than he originally purchased and had his policy been reviewed annually, this would have come to light sooner saving him money.

I understand that Selectquote can’t possibly do annual reviews when they sell 100,000 or so policies a year, so if customer service is an important value added to your life insurance policy, you might seek out an agency that still believes that service doesn’t end with the sale.