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I was checking up on the competition this afternoon when it comes to private pilot life insurance. A lot has changed over the last year with several companies jumping into the hunt for a chance to insure the lives of one of the healthiest groups around, pilots.

I expected to do a Google search for private pilot life insurance and find an up to date scrap for the top spot based on all the new rate offerings that insurance companies have laid in our laps. Uh, Wrong!!

The first gem is an article about the state of the industry (pilot life insurance) that is from March 2003. And the state of the industry eight years ago is relevant enough to be at the top of Google because?…….the pretty colors? No, wait. It’s relevant because it’s written by ‘The World’s Independent Premier Aviation News Resource”. All righty then. You know, once in a while I think Google’s algorithm thing might have a hitch in it.

So, in a search for something a bit less dated I checked out the next entry which, dang it, was dated July 2002. It wasn’t just a year older, it didn’t even say anything in the article about private pilot life insurance. There’s some relevance for you.

Going down the page what I found is the same old cadre of pilot life insurance experts with the same claims and rates they were trying to win the world with 3 years ago…..literally! Here we are in late January 2011 and the agency that used to be rolling in pilot life business is still at the top of Google quoting rates from January 2008 in a bar graph that doesn’t reflect anything close to 2011 reality. They also still lay claim to special special underwriting programs from highly rated companies that allow them to get underwriting considerations that are just not available elsewhere! What’s with that? 3 year old rates and claims that aren’t true anymore!

Next in order is an agency that claims that Midland National Life is the answer to every pilots question about where the best rates are hidden. There isn’t a date on this, but I’m positive I’ve seen it around for at least 5 years and that fits the time frame when Midland National was still competitive in aviation. This is a little weird. Kind of like a time capsule.

And lest I should drag you down too far I will end with the next entry which is one of those that leaves you shaking your head wondering if the server is down or if the agency went out of business.

Soooo. Where is the up to date life insurance information for pilots? It isn’t on the first page of Google. One thing for sure, it’s not where it was three plus years ago.