Just as we’ve discussed so often, with any number of health issues from heart disease to cancer to diabetes, the earlier it is detected the better the chances of controlling or stopping it before it causes irreparable harm.

With diabetes there have always been the old standby warning signs like family history and obesity, but now a study has shown promise of a blood test that will possibly reveal markers for early detection of type 2 diabetes.

Since type 2 diabetes can lead to a whole host of other health issues (as if it weren’t enough on its’ own), catching it before it’s even had time to fully manifest itself could possibly give a person a chance to make changes that could head it off before it even becomes an issue. Finding these markers may even lead to breakthroughs in actual prevention.

From a life insurance view, type 2 diabetes, if well controlled and in the absence of other risk factors can still garner standard or better rates. The criteria in general for getting the best rates with type 2 diabetes are:
1. Age of onset after 50
2. hbA1c under 6.5
3. History of compliance with treatment
4. No other risk factors or side effects such as obesity, CAD, gluacoma, neuropathy, etc.

Bottom line. Don’t give up looking for life insurance if you have diabetes. Most companies don’t want your business, but a good independent agent will be able to steer you in the right direction.