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As life goes, I lost the most ardent follower of my ramblings on life insurance via this blog a few days ago. My Father passed away after a two year fight with bladder cancer. He always posted big readership numbers for me in Wyoming and I could always count on his honest feedback on what type of job I was doing in my goal to help people understand just a little more than they might otherwise about life insurance.

He was at times a brutally honest critic and always the first to tell me he thought I had done well. At 86 years old he dissected each post as if he was on the editorial payroll. He loved that I attempt to reach out to those whose medical conditions make it difficult for them to find an advocate in their hunt for affordable life insurance. His personal philosophy about sales is that you should never sell something you don’t believe in. He knew how passionate I am about what I do and appreciated how much effort we put into service.

We feel blessed that we had him as long as we did. When he was first diagnosed with cancer he was not given a very positive prognosis because of the high stage and grade. Right up to the last time we joined in prayer he knew in his heart that God had given him the extra time on earth to spread the word about what a powerful force our Lord is in our lives.

Bottom line. He is at peace now. No more pain. I miss my Dad but am pleased that he is with our Lord.