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Since we have been able to nail down some very affordable rates for accidental death and dismemberment policies for civilian workers in war zones or really anywhere in the world, things have been hopping.

Whether you are going to Kabul for a week or Somalia for a year or more we are now able to get the best pricing in the industry. The really great thing about this coverage is that it available even after you are there, even after you have entered the mortality risk. You can email from Baghdad and get quotes, an application and put a policy in force even after you are already committed and there. I can see me jumping on this about the first time I heard a bomb go off or gun fire.

The application is easy, a one page form. There is no exam required although Lloyds can check out who you are and who you do business with for obvious reasons. Information they obtain remains confidential to the company.

Civilian contractors can now offer an affordable AD&D policy as an incentive for workers to accept the risk to make the big bucks. At a time when jobs here at home are very hard to find more and more people are checking out these options. If you think about, the money and the jobs are most readily available where there is some risk. Offshore oil platform workers and the helicopter pilots who ferry them can bring home the bacon but it is most definitely not the safest job around. Bush pilots in Alaska make good money but are known to end wrong side up more frequently than your average private pilot. Traditional life insurance companies kill these guys with extra charges. Why not carry life insurance with an aviation exclusion and an AD&D policy just for the airplane rides. Skydivers can get in under an aviation exclusion also.

Traditional life insurance does pretty good with scuba divers, unless you dive wrecks or caves. This is where an AD&D policy can plug in and make sure your family is covered while you enjoy your sport. Same thing for dive teams that salvage the valuables from old ship wrecks. There isn’t a good reason not to be covered.

Want to hunt grizzly bears and your wife flippantly says “sure, if you have a policy that covers it eating you”. Get a policy for that week to 10 days that you’ll be hunting.

Bottom line. If you think it would be great to have extra death coverage for whatever job or hobby you have, don’t blow it off without getting a quote. If this post comes close to some thoughts you’ve been having, call or email me directly. I’ll be glad to help you get a no obligation quote.