Because I feel strongly about the need for more discussion and more education on the effects of obesity, what I started with ABC’s Fat March I will now take up with NBC’s Biggest Loser. Again, my focus is not the show or the internal contest or game. What I hope to bring to light is the impact that weight can have on life insurance rates and as importantly, the impact that weight loss can have on them.

There are a few caveats to the way I will present this. There is an assumption that there are no underlying health issues. Because insurance companies reward long term weight loss, there will be an assumption that the weight loss has been kept off for more than a year. All life insurance quotes are for $250,000 of 20 year term. I will be using the company that will make the best offer at any given height and weight. All quotes will be yearly premiums.

Having said all of that, the show started with 18 participants. Below is a list of their height and weight at the beginning of the show, and the best price available for the life insurance. All were insurable from the start.

Blue Team

Jerry – 62 years old, 5’11, 297# – Quote $3681.00

Kae – 27, 5’2, 225# – Quote $310.00

Neil – 25, 6’2, 421# – Quote $560.00

Nicole, 26, 5’6, 279# – Quote  $344.00

Patty, 34, 5’8, 280# – Quote  $449.00

Ryan, 29, 5’10, 374# – Quote  $610.00

Red Team 

Amber, 30, 5’4, 295# – voted off – Quote  $430.00

Amy, 28, 5’6, 297# – Quote  -  $413.00

Bryan, 29, 6’0, 346# -  Quote  $544.00

David, 31, 6’0, 368# -  Quote  $566.00

Lezlye, 34, 5’5, 255# -  Quote  $388.00

Phil, 27, 6’5, 403# -  Quote  $513.00

Black Team 

Bill, 40, 5’8, 334# -  Quote  $912.00

Hollie, 28, 5’7, 255# -  Quote  $319.00

Isabeau, 21, 5’8, 298# -  Quote  $344.00

Jez, 24, 5’8, 345# -  Quote  $570.00

Jim, 40, 5’7, 361# -  Quote  $1148.00

Julie, 34, 5’2, 218# -  Quote  $388.00

Subsequent posts will reflect weight changes as they occur and any rate changes in the life insurance quotes that result from that weight loss. Just a few obvious things when you are looking at the quotes. Age is a big factor. Jerry at 62 has by far the highest rates and that has more to do with age than weight. Women pay less than men. Just a fact of life guys. They outlive us on average by about 4-5 years so their life insurance is less expensive.

Bottom line. Please consider the implications of what is being presented. Not only does obesity affect life insurance rates, but the reason it does is the impact it can potentially have on a large number of collateral health issues such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Life insurance underwriters reward healthy lifestyles. Let’s follow these folks to more healthy lives and lower rates.

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