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In previous blogs I covered the ABC weight loss reality show Fat March. The mode of operation was to walk 580 miles from Boston to DC. The weight loss was dramatic, but I mentioned in more than one post that it seemed that the single focus exercise and the brutal amount of it was probably not the kind of balanced approach that most trainers would recommend.

With Biggest Loser the process is more well rounded, and the weight loss not nearly as dramatic on a weekly basis, but in the long haul I think we will see overall results that are dramatic and the participants will come away with a better knowledge of physical fitness and how to maintain it.

Having said that, again, the drama and game of the show is not my focus. Obesity carries some very heavy baggage with it in the form of collateral health issues. Losing weight can be what it takes to avoid diabetes, heart disease or cancer. My only goal in following Biggest Loser is to call attention to those health issues and how weight and weight loss impact life insurance rates.

My disclaimer (again). There is an assumption as I provide quotes that there are no underlying health issues. Because insurance companies reward long term weight loss, there will be an assumption that the weight loss has been kept off for more than a year. All life insurance quotes are for $250,000 of 20 year term insurance. I will be using the company that will make the best offer at any given height and weight. All quotes will be yearly premiums.

Blue team

Kae – 27, 5’2, Start 225#, now 178 – Start quote $310.00, no $202.00

Neil – 25, 6’2, Start 421#, now 355 – Start quote $560.00, still $441.00

Nicole, 26, 5’6, Start 279#, now 248 – Start quote $344.00, still $310.00

Ryan, 29, 5’10, Start 374#, now 320 – Start quote $610.00, still $478.00

Red Team

Amy, 28, 5’6, Start 297#, now 265 – Start quote $413.00, still $349.00

Bryan, 29, 6’0, Start 346#, now 304 – Start quote $544.00, still $413.00

David, 31, 6’0, Start 368#, now 323 – Start quote $622.00, still $428.00

Black Team

Bill, 40, 5’8, Start 334#, now 268 – Start quote $912.00, now $640.00

Hollie, 28, 5’7, Start 255#, now 225 – Quote $319.00, still $225.00

Isabeau, 21, 5’8, Start 298#, now 259 – Start quote $344.00, still $300.00

Jez, 24, 5’8, Start 345#, now 295 – Start quote $570.00, still $448.00

Julie, 34, 5’2, Start 218#, now 195 – Start quote $388.00, still $250.00

Throw out the games and the voting off, the drama and the money, and what you have is real people working hard to reclaim their lives. Hopefully those that leave the show early, and some have them have lost significant weight, will see a new lifestyle that will open door to a better future.

Bottom line. Weight loss can happen for anyone who is willing to make the commitment and enlist help in the form of someone to be accountable to. Easy? No. Worth it? How can anyone not know the answer to that is YES?