Back when I was growing up I don’t think they had anything but whole milk. I only remember two kinds of milk when I was a kid….milk and sour milk.

Somewhere along the way someone decided to create lower fat options of milk, so now you have your 1%, 2% and skim milk. I don’t drink a lot of milk these days, but I have noticed that the lower the percentage, the more it doesn’t taste like milk.

Now there is some indication that skinnier milk may be linked to prostate cancer. For a long time there was concern and study about the possible link of calcium intake and prostate cancer, but recent studies show that those who drink reduced fat milk versus whole milk or other dairy products, are more likely to get prostate cancer.

With prostate cancer being the second most common cancer in men, all aspects of lifestyle and diet are being studied for links to the disease. While prostate cancer has a very good survival rate, any means of avoiding or slowing down the possibility of contracting it are, and should be looked at. Being survivable is relative when you are going through treatment or if you are the 1, in the 1 in 8 that don’t survive.

Bottom line. From a life insurance underwriting standpoint, the high survival rate for low stage and grade prostate cancer is good news. Better than standard rates post treatment are obtainable.

As for low fat milk! I don’t remember when low fat milk and diet sodas started taking over the market, but it seems eerily close to about the time when the obesity epidemic started here in the US.