For other reasons than the flurry of life insurance related exchanges with the Zander Insurance Group last week, I was almost crushed by my own lack of humility and my own pridefulness.

When I left church on Sunday, as so often happens, I had heard the word of God and it seemed to be aimed straight at me. I had somehow allowed myself to let my pride take over ownership of God’s gifts and along the way I had shelved my once humble self.

After much prayer I want this morning to apologize to Mr Zander and to Dave Ramsey for boasting to whomever would listen that Zander was wrong in it’s approach to quoting life insurance while I was of course, right. I was arrogant and prideful and far from humble, all things that the God I serve demands of us.

I apologize for insinuating that Zander Insurance isn’t doing what they believe is right. I apologize for insinurating that they don’t do a good job for their clients and I apologize for my arrogance through the whole exchange. Our businesses are not right and wrong. They are simply different and I ask for forgiveness for my attitude. It won’t happen again.

Bottom line. God tests us and so often we fail. In the course of that failure we often hurt people we know and love and people who just happen to be in the way. My Lord Jesus has promised to accept repentance and admission of sin as a new start. I pray that from this day forward I will truly have the heart of a humble servant and not allow my own pride to take ownership of God’s blessings.