Behind every good man is a good woman the saying goes. That’s certainly true in my life. Also, behind every successful impaired risk life insurance agent is a talented, well connected General Agent.

Impaired risk is an industry term that covers the full spectrum of those clients who, because of some physical or mental impairment, have a hard time getting life insurance at affordable rates and often have a hard time getting life insurance at all. It is this end of the business where I have hung my hat and where I found the perfect partner in Rich Fuller with CPS/Special Risk Services in Denver.

Rich has, when all of my bullets have been shot, gone to bat and to battle over cases where we know that the facts and logic are on our side (things that somehow escape underwriters who are lovers of their sacred underwriting manuals). Because of his connections and because of the connections he has helped me make, we are able to able to present trial quote requests to the right people with the right information, a key to success.

He has successfully ferreted out life insurance rates for private pilots that are second to no other agency in the country. He has helped me carve out niches where very few agents want, or even have a clue how, to go. We have been able to consistently beat some of the largest agencies in the country for clients with heart disease, aortic valve replacements, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, bipolar disorder and depression.

For both of us this is all about the clients we can help. We have gone above and beyond what an average agency would given the small amount of money to be made on some cases. There are a lot of agencies that will just blow off smaller cases, a rather self centered point of view. We have also hit major home runs on huge estate cases where we were able to save clients tens of thousands in premium per year.

Bottom line. I just needed to say these things for two reasons. First, there are a lot of agents who follow this blog and I wanted them to know where they can find the best help for their clients. Second, it’s important for those looking for life insurance to know that there is a professional team out there who will make their life insurance challenge a personal mission. We want to get the job done the way it should be.