OK. So there’s really no easy way out, but it seems that fasting once a month may have some never before discovered health benefits. This surfaced when a study in Utah showed that Mormons had a lower incidence of heart disease.

At first this was attributed to the lower rate of smoking in the Mormon community, but when smoking was factored out, they were still showing better results than non-Mormons. After testing and dismissing several other lifestyle anomalies that were Mormon based, the study finally concluded that their one day a month fasting seemed to be the key factor.

Benjamin Horne, a heart disease researcher from Intermountain Medical Center and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City speculated “that when people take a break from food, it forces the body to dip into fat reserves to burn calories. It also keeps the body from being constantly exposed to sugar and having to make insulin to metabolize it. When people develop diabetes, insulin-producing cells become less sensitive to cues from eating, so fasting may provide brief rests that resensitize these cells and make them work better”.

From a life insurance underwriting standpoint, credence is lent to the real impact of lifestyle. When people institute healthy choices, whether it is exercise or fasting, the results point toward a longer, healthier life.

Bottom line. Maybe fasting isn’t for everyone and I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you become a Mormon for the cardiovascular benefits. Maybe it is just a life with some breaks. Take a break for exercise. Take a break from eating. Take a vacation. Take care of yourself.