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Now there’s a calming thought. You’re still alive, traumatized from head to toe from a car to moose gathering on the highways of Maine and you’ve made it to the hospital. The doctor and nurse start working  and you relax as you know that you are with professionals whose job is to fix you. You are praying because you have been putting off buying life insurance because you’ve heard you can’t get it because you had prostate cancer. Would you feel any different if as they wheel you into the ER if everyone had those hideous stick on name tags. The doctor’s name is Fred and below his name it says “Anxiety disorder” and the nurse has a tag that say John and under that it says “Bipolar disorder”. As they are working and keeping you informed of the injuries they mention one that is going to require emergency surgery. A few minutes later the anesthesiologist comes in and introduces her self as Jane and starts prepping you for surgery, but all you can see is below her name on the tag it says, “ADD and minor depression”.

As you count backward all the way from 100 to 94 you aren’t feeling at ease because the professionals surrounding you are all nutcases, right? And the last thought you have is that your name tag says “no life insurance” below it. Have you ever asked any of the professionals in your life from doctors and nurses to dentists, attorneys and accountants to your own employer if they have mood disorders? People would be amazed the number of people they talk to every day that have mood disorders that are so well managed and controlled that you wouldn’t have a clue and most of them are a step ahead of you in that they have life insurance.

You’ve been concerned about looking into life insurance because of prostate cancer, which just like mood disorders, can be very insurable at reasonable rates, but you have assumed that you would be declined. The truth is that if your cancer was a low stage and a Gleason grade 6 or better, you could gotten that insurance soon after the treatment was completed. It might cost a little more for a while but even if it was a Gleason 7 you could be insured, just like the CEO of your company who purchased a $2,000,000 business life insurance policy on him after his prostatectomy.

Life insurance underwriting isn’t all about what has gone wrong in your life. It is tempered, at least with good underwriters, by what you’ve done to treat the impairment, and the treatment controls the situation and if you are absolutely compliant with your treatment and followups that may last a life time. Just like melanoma. Can you get life insurance approval after melanoma? The answer is yes if it was a low stage and grade. Are you going to become best friends with your dermatologist? You’ll be seeing him or her every 3 months for a few years and every six months from then on.

Bottom line. Life insurance is available and affordable for everyone from CEO’s and doctors to moose killers, even with challenges like bipolar disorder, prostate or breast cancer. Remember the life insurance success keys are treatment, control and compliance. If you have questions or have not received the kind of outcome on your life insurance application that you believe you deserve, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk