I just want to share a small piece of my life and what keeps me ticking. As a self employed independent life insurance agent I have found that one of the keys to success is that you have to believe in and love what you do. With that part in place, you then need to commit to working your tail off.

I am licensed in all 50 states and live in Colorado. My commitment has always been to be in my office ready to talk to people on the East coast when they are going to or starting work at 8 am, 6 am my time. This makes for long hours and long weeks and when it comes time to take a vacation, I am usually past the point of being ready. Sometimes there are little health prompts to let you know it’s time to take off.

This time it manifested itself in clinching my teeth at night, which led over the past few weeks to a lot of pain in my jaw, and headaches. The dentist said it was likely caused by stress. He suggested some muscle relaxers at bedtime, a mouth guard, and the vacation.

Having said all that, the clinching seems to have resolved itself, but my bride and I are now on a 9 day road trip to see the national parks of southern Utah. We made a commitment several years ago that if hard work was part of the equation, fun vacations needed to be part of the picture as well.

People have been branded “type A’s”, workaholics, and so on, but I would suggest to you that there are a few more categories that lead to working more than average. For some people it is the only way they can keep the bills paid and I commend them for taking the challenge by the horns and doing what it takes.

As for me, I just really love what I do and the hours truly fly by. I also like to keep the bills paid.

Bottom line. The old adage, work hard, play hard is not such a bad way to go. Just don’t forget the play hard part. Whether it is an adventurous or a relaxing vacation, it necessary for your health and gives you the boost to continue the work hard part.