Eat your vegetables! They’re good for you!…….Yes Mom. Actually it didn’t come down quite like that for me. Most vegetables I grew up with were some strange strain that came in a can. A distinctly different species from what comes out of a garden. Any doubts could be laid to rest by sampling canned or fresh cooked spinach, canned or fresh mushrooms, etc.

For a very long time now groups have been beating the “eat your fruit and vegetables to ward off cancer ” drum. It makes sense. With so much food out there that is obviously bad for you (yes, I’m thinking McDonalds) there is some logic to be toyed with. If one food can kill you there’s a good chance another can save you.

Now a modest study of 100,000 people comes along and blows the wall down. There simply isn’t any conclusive evidence that fruits and vegetables, or the amount of them has any impact on cancer. I have to admit that I’m really not particularly put out by this news since I like fruits and vegetables and eat them regularly anyway, and never did do it because I thought it would save my life. But think of all of those vegetable haters that have been gagging down broccoli for years. What a drag.

Bottom line. This really didn’t have much to do with life insurance, other than really all health matters impact mortality and life insurance premiums, but for a Friday I felt it was worth sharing.