Technology has taken the life insurance business, and everything else, by the throat over the past several years, but for all the savvy geeks have when it comes to how the internet works, is there really any carry over from that intelligence to the basic knowledge it takes to, say, buy life insurance?

If today’s self proclaimed geeks and nerds have such a great handle on the adopted mother of all knowledge, the internet, why is it they fall into the same pits as any old guy surfing for good life insurance rates? Why is it they walk right into bait and switch just like their parents did? Why is it they can get their mind wrapped around Microsoft’s Silverlight, and can’t figure out if they should buy term insurance or universal life?

The game show, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, is quick to point out the knowledge gaps that can be left when someone leaps up the ladder of life and doesn’t bother to learn or retain important information.  There is still a place in this world, even outside the blogosphere, for personal information sharing and good old professional advice.

Bottom line. As a life insurance agent, I consult professionals for advice on my websites and internet niche marketing. My time is better spent providing the service I know. I’m thinking at some point, even though they would love to prove me wrong and beat the system, even a geek has to be some value on his or her time.