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I wrote a post back in early August about a man who had contacted me after a rather dubious interaction with Selectquote while trying to buy life insurance.

After shopping his case for him and determining that several companies were willing to set aside his treatment with Paxil for anxiety as not rateable I figured that I had won his business. The problem was that he was a busy guy and Selectquote won’t allow their labwork to be shared, so in order to help the guy out he would have had to do a new exam.

So, in spite of the fact that the agent at Selectquote had been less than honest with him by 1. Telling him he could get preferred plus from Banner while being treated for anxiety, 2. Ordering an exam before he had a commitment from the client to move ahead (manipulation), 3. Once the exam was done telling him then that Banner wouldn’t come through with the rate quoted due to the anxiety treatment and then 4. Telling him that no other company would do any better than Banner……..even after all that, he gave Selectquote the information I had gathered for him on what companies would do better and allowed them to pursue an application with Prudential.

He called today. The agent with Selectquote called the other day and told him he was approved and that they were sending the new policy out. He just received the policy and it was not at the rate that Selectquote had quoted him due to his cholesterol being high. Sending out a policy approved at a rate other than quoted without discussing it with a client is just wrong. When he called to ask about the higher rate, again he was told that he couldn’t do any better by switching to another company, that due to his cholesterol the Prudential approval was as good as it was going to get.

If my count is right, because that was a lie and the agent at Selectquote knows that, this agent has lied to this guy 4 times and by setting up an exam without discussing it, manipulated him once.

The man has finally decided to tell them to shove it and as he said, “go with someone who has been straight with me all along”. I appreciate the opportunity.

Bottom line. Selectquote wants your business, but the truth is I really don’t see where they are truly invested in earning it. From their first bait and switch, to their last lie about Prudential being the best rate the man can get they’ve done everything they can do to just slam the lid shut on the deal and move on. If they aren’t into this to do best by the client, it’s all about slamming deals and banking profit and that stinks.