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Medical mistakes kill and disfigure close to 100,000 people in this country every year. That’s why, no surprise, life insurance underwriters will almost always postpone approval on a policy until after any scheduled procedure.

I remember finding it amusing when I had a broken leg operated on that they actually marked the leg prior to surgery to make sure they had the right one. You could have asked a two year old which one had an booboo and they wouldn’t have hesitated.

But thank God they marked my leg. I could have been a victim of the truly bizarre. I know these doctors and nurses are busy folks, but there just really is no excuse for mixing one patient up with another. The article said the lady was considering suing. CONSIDERING?

Medical mistakes and hospital infections are the horror story of the medical world. Again, using me as an example, my leg was pieced back together in a November operation. In March I was hospitalized for a staph infection that was introduced during that same operation. After two months of IV antibiotics I was finally able to kick it.

Bottom line. If you are postponed for life insurance due to an upcoming procedure, try understand where the company is coming from. They aren’t looking for excuses not to take your money, but a tragedy that happened close to home here really drives the point home.