AARP is on a soapbox concerning health care reform, once again purporting to be the mother of all advocacy groups on behalf of all of us who are over 50, and of course if we want to buy something our spouses of they are over 45.

I won’t even get into the health care debate, but I got this email from Barry Jackson, AARP this afternoon. After Mr Jackson addressed a few issues he wrote this, “So what is AARP fighting for in health reform?
Stopping insurance companies from charging older Americans unaffordable premiums because of their age.”

I guess my question for AARP is if we can’t trust them from “charging older Americans unaffordable premiums” in their New York Life sponsored life insurance program, how can we trust that they don’t have completely self serving agenda on this issue as well.

The life insurance program that is so near and dear to their heart is so unbelievably overpriced and inappropriate that it continues to amaze me that they are allowed to sell it under the veil of being a non profit advocacy organization. The huge profits made by New York Life on this overpriced rip off in part flow right back through AARP. So either they are a non profit ripoff or they are an illegal for profit business.

Bottom line. I’ll start being appreciative for their advocacy when AARP stops abusing the fact that they have a successful brand.