The long standing argument about how much cholesterol is the right amount rages on. For one of my clients it rages on a front that we rarely see. This person has a total cholesterol level of 87.

It has been drilled in to most of us that the other end of the spectrum, high cholesterol, low hdl, etc, are the things to worry about, but there is plenty to be said from studies and from life insurance underwriters about cholesterol that is just way lower than the normal range.

From a life insurance standpoint underwriters are concerned about studies that seem to show some link between low cholesterol and a potpourri of health issues all the way from depression to cancer. Low levels of LDL, the target for statins, has been linked to cancer, while low total cholesterol has been linked in studies to depression. So, while your doctor may like low cholesterol, life insurance underwriters aren’t reading from the same book.

So, while my client has naturally low cholesterol, many people may be driven by over zealous doctors away from a slim chance of heart disease and toward other health issues. There seems to be a real propensity these days for doctors to say, what the heck, let’s call it preventive medicine and drive normal cholesterol down to abnormally low levels.

By the way, with a doctor’s evaluation showing there aren’t any associated health issues, we were able to get my 87 client some very fair rates.

Bottom line. All things in moderation seems to have been lost on our generation. When Astra Zeneca provides the AHA with a study saying that as many as 6 million people with normal cholesterol levels should be taking cholesterol lowering medication, well, I would hope my doctor takes that with a grain of salt.