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We’re crashing in on another new year and you, yes you, still haven’t gotten around to buying life insurance to protect your family. It’s this same old wrestling match that most guys would rather stay engaged in and risk getting pinned than break down and admit that their wife and children, or the business they own, are going to have a bit of a rough time if they don’t buy life insurance. For most of you it’s about admitting that people die unexpectedly and that there isn’t any reason on God’s green earth that you might not be next. You’ve had relatives that have died far too young and if not that, there isn’t any of you who doesn’t know someone that left this life at an unforeseen and poorly planned for time.

Even if you somehow managed to avoid having any friends or acquaintances die prematurely, you have to admit that you’ve heard of someone in the community who died leaving a wife and children behind and there being an account set up at a local bank accepting donations to help them out. That account accepting donations thing is code for “someone didn’t bother to look into life insurance”. Unlike women guys are immortal, or delusional, I forget which. Guys really think their budget for toys or beer is more important than budgeting for even a modest amount of life insurance. I think it was Mark Twain that said, “A man who dies without life insurance should have to go back and look at the mess the left behind”.  Think about it. No life insurance and all you’re leaving your family is savings (guys don’t do that either) and your last pay check. That isn’t even going to bury your sorry butt, so at least have the courtesy to tell your wife that if you die it’s ok to put you out with the trash on Wednesday.

“Ed’s got life insurance attitude again”!! The truth is I really never lose it. Anyone who has a responsibility that will be passed on to someone else when they die should have life insurance to make sure they aren’t dumping their load on someone else. It makes me mad when people don’t care what happens to their wife and children, when they assume that somehow it will all just magically work out and no one will be any worse for the wear without life insurance on you. Never mind that these unwitting people probably love you and will grieve and miss you terribly.  Never mind that just the emotional hit is enough to derail the train. Make sure they remember you by making them suffer financially too.

Bottom line. So there I go again and whether you have life insurance or not, I hope you are made to go back and look at the situation you’ve left behind. For those that took care of their family they will be so glad they did. So, if you don’t have life insurance, or would like to get life insurance that doesn’t rock your budget quite so much, call or email me directly. If your husband doesn’t have life insurance, tell them they can be replaced with one that cares. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.