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I really like it when someone comes down to my level to explain something. I was reading an article on the 10 best foods to eat and at the end they had this explanation about why antioxidents are a big deal, “The science is clear: Plant foods are good for you. And the credit often goes to chemicals they produce called antioxidants. Just as the name suggests, antioxidants help protect your cells against oxidation. Think of oxidation as rust. This rust is caused by free radicals, which are unstable oxygen atoms that attack your cells, inducing DNA damage that leads to cancer. Thankfully, antioxidants help stabilize free radicals, which keeps the rogue atoms from harming your cells”.

Ok, you want antioxidents to keep from rusting up your cells and getting cancer!! Tell me I don’t understand science.

But back to the 10 best foods. Like any really healthy article, they did their best to scare me away with their very first shot. BEETS!! I would rather have a hot stick poked in my eye than to eat one of those red little fowl smelling slices of beet. They sucked me back in by letting me know that cooking beets essentially ruins them nutritionally, so that got rid of the little red things. I might actually try them once in the salad they recommended. And my heart will be healthier for it.

Another one that caught my attention was Guava. Now I am familiar with the magical guava because of a vacation my wife and I took to St Martin. They have guava berry everything there. Guava coladas was a favorite of mine. I know after 3 or 4 of those drinks I could feel the lycopene coursing through my veins, fighting off all sorts of evil things. Good stuff.

Bottom line. Like any other life style choice, including more of the right foods in your diet is a good thing. Life insurance applications don’t ask about diet, but in most cases they don’t need to. Your lifestyle dictates your health and poor choices speak for themselves.