I bet you thought you would never see the day when I had good news to report on obesity in America. Having harped on how America’s obesity has steadily increased for the last 25 years, how it is changing the health and lives of the country through diabetes, cancer and heart disease……finally some good news.

Our friends at the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, released new statistics yesterday showing that overall obesity in the US has leveled off and may have even started decreasing slightly in women over 20. Go Curves Go!!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that more than one third of Americans still fit tightly into the obese category, and while women seem to have figured out the magic bullet, obesity in men is still increasing, albeit not as rapidly as before the year 2000.

Janet Collins, Director of the CDC, seemed a little less than impressed with the leveling off, stating “In view of these alarmingly high rates of obesity in all population groups, CDC has made the prevention of obesity one of its top public health priorities.” And it should be. Having shared the good news, let’s get real about the bad news. Americans’ diet and lifestyle is pathetic at best, and even if the rate of obesity levels off, the health consequences for our country are huge and will become even more so over the next 20 years.

When you take 72 million people and throw them into a high risk pool for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and on and on, the cost in medical care and lives lost is going to be overwhelming when it all hits the fan.

Bottom line. There is just no way to paint a pretty picture from this scene. When mortality rates increase, so will the cost of life insurance. While we have gone for years now with rates decreasing, that bubble has to burst when Generation 3X starts dropping off.