There are plenty of ways to paint scary pictures of what could happen if you don’t have life insurance to protect your family. And they’re real, but do we really need them to prompt us to do the right thing.

Buying life insurance isn’t something that needs to be or should be done out of guilt or fear. It’s really just a matter of what’s right and what’s fair. When we get married and become parents we take on responsibilities and I would think that usually those aren’t taken lightly. Our families are a source of love and joy and fulfillment and while money isn’t going to put that back together, leaving behind a life of security rather than struggle, well, doesn’t it just seem like the right thing to do?

We all (at least I think we all) know that there is a chance we can die before we plan to. Most of us have had friends or relatives who have proven the point to us, so it’s not like there’s just no evidence that supports the idea that an inexpensive term life insurance policy might be a prudent thing to have. It’s really just a matter of putting in line with all of the other priorities we have for our family like, fun, good education, a good home….

Bottom line. If you’re young you would be amazed how much you can do with $20 a month to protect the future of your family. If you’re older it might take more, but the value is there.