I had a client just recently who works for State Farm as a claims adjuster and was declined for life insurance by to them due to his obesity. He’s 6’1, 415 pounds.

I shouldn’t get down on State Farm over this since by most life insurance company underwriting guidelines he has stretched well past the breaking point. But dang! The guy does work for them.

Well, whining not being the point since we got his approval and his new policy is in force with Prudential, I just wanted to share some of the upper limits of what Prudential will consider assuming no truly egregious risk factors. The risk factor thing is worth mentioning because it is highly unlikely that someone approaching these limits with diabetes is going to get an approval, but the client that I just mentioned did have well controlled blood pressure and that didn’t impact his approval.

So, if you’re this high……….and weigh this or less……..
5’2 303#
5’3 313#
5’4 323#
5’5 333#
5’6 344#
5’7 354#
5’8 365#
5’9 378#
5’10 387#
5’11 398#
6’0 409#
6’1 421#
6’2 432#
6’3 444#
6’4 456#
6’5 468#

and so on. These are the upper limits of approval period. These are well above the approval limit of almost all companies so don’t be thinking you can take this post down to your local Allstate agent and say, “look, you should be able to get me approved because Ed said so”. He will wish that he could. He will look for every way he can to get er done, but it isn’t happening.

Bottom line. You need to find an independent agent that understands obesity and knows how to help. You need to be talking to someone who is savvy enough to be able to tell you where you stand right up front without dragging you through an underwriting and application process. You need someone with a track record of helping those with the same issue succeed for their families.