I wrote a post on September 2 concerning a client who had a bad experience in attempting to get life insurance through Selectquote. He emailed to provide more details and one of those details was a misunderstanding of mine that I want to correct.

I had indicated that there were several interactions where Selectquote was less than straightforward and in the list I said “2. Ordering an exam before he had a commitment from the client to move ahead”. The client clarified that while he had been misled about the price, he had indicated that he would proceed with an exam based on the quotes he had received.

So, forgive me Selectquote. While it doesn’t clean the slate with this client, I was wrong about that one point and I apologize. I do strive to be fair and accurate and I missed it this time on that one point.

All of the other points were affirmed by the client’s email as being accurate, including the Selectquote agent’s comment in his email of September 1 to the client that, “Prudential gave you a Preferred rate but Banner and Genworth will not. JLT”. The same agent inferred that it was unethical to run a third application for this client, “Ethically I cannot submit yet a third application on your behalf and promise you better pricing. Based on the underwriting thus far (cholesterol medication and the use of Paxil) through the first two applications and my experience with Genworth that carrier will not deliver a Preferred rate.”

Since when is attempting to get a client a lower rate unethical? That is exactly why independent agents represent multiple companies. There is no reason a client of mine should ever have to pay the second best rate.

Bottom line. I’ll keep you posted on the client’s progress with Genworth which, frankly, should be a shoe in preferred approval. At that time he has offered to share a little about his experience in his own words (that way I don’t mess them up).