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I’ve mentioned before that there is a problem in the life insurance business. Pure and simple, it’s greed. Agents are so protective of a potential sale that they will actually tell a customer they are uninsurable, rather than admit they are the wrong agent for the job and lead them in the right direction. This is particularly true of captive agents whose world revolves around one company and that company’s underwriting opinion.

Very few days go by without hearing from people who are desperate to find affordable life insurance. They have been declined or told they are uninsurable because they have bipolar disorder. They’ve been told they will never get insurance because they’ve had a heart attack or breast cancer. I’ve had clients who are never called back by another agent because they admitted they had been through alcohol treatment or are have type 1 diabetes..

Agents actually tell these people “you will never get life insurance”. What an insanely unprofessional thing for an agent to do. I can only imagine how many clients just give up and leave their family without protection because some lame excuse for a life insurance agent didn’t have the guts to just tell their client to seek out a more experienced independent agent. You can Google up an independent agent in .23 seconds that has experience in exactly your health issue.

If you talk to an agent and they declare you uninsurable without running your information informally through several underwriters, they are either captive or incompetent. If they say they’ve shopped it and you are simply uninsurable and they don’t talk to you about guaranteed issue life insurance, they are captive or incompetent.

The bottom line is that agents very often declare you uninsurable because they aren’t knowledgeable in your impairment or are too lazy to work an impaired risk case. You know what the issues are with your impairment, and if an agent isn’t asking the right questions, you know you’re with the wrong agent. No one said it’s easy, but quoting Rich Fuller from Special Risk Services, an impaired risk general agent for 30 years, “Anyone can write insurance on the super healthy, but the reward is placing much needed insurance for someone who has suffered severe health problems”.

Bottom line. Never take uninsurable as an answer. Do an internet search for an agent with the expertise you need. Find someone who knows the questions, knows the answers and knows where to shop your business, and just as importantly, where not to shop your business.