Being in the life insurance business and having been on the business end of passing on checks for death benefits, I have a real sense of just how much life insurance is needed by the families that receive it and a real passion for helping others understand that buying life insurance isn’t about expense, it’s about peace of mind.

In the years that I have been posting this blog, the world according to Ed, I’ve been a bit rough on men. Maybe not rough enough though. Men have this real thing about life insurance. They seem to think it’s all about them and the money that they will have to spend to ensure that, even if they don’t, their spouse will make it to retirement financially OK. They think it’s betting against themselves. They think they would be better off just putting that money in investments so that they can enjoy it, never considering that there are significant odds against them seeing retirement.

When I say significant, let’s put that into betting context. I know people who buy multiple lottery tickets every month with a 1 in a bazillion chance of winning, or those who buy scratch tickets every payday with a 1 in 250,000 chance of winning anything other than the money you’ve blown through the years on all the losing ticket. So, what are the chances that life insurance will be needed between young adulthood and your mid sixties, what we used to fondly think of as retirement time.

Well guys, if you knew that those fairly small life insurance premiums were covering a 1 in 6 chance would it become something worth thinking about? 1 in 6 men who make it to 25 in our country don’t make it to 64. For women it is 1 in 9. That isn’t betting against yourself but rather doing the prudent thing to cover a very real risk for those who are dependent on you.

And the cost! I know everyone is rethinking how they spend money these days. Is there any chance that we have an inordinate amount of our income going to play and toys? Is it possible that with just a little creative thinking we could divert a bit of that play money to peace of mind money?

Bottom line. All of us know someone who has died far too young in a car accident. You are in a serious minority if you don’t have a family member who has died prematurely from cancer or a heart attack. And consider all those around you for who obesity is an ingrained part of life and that with that lifestyle comes the risk of diabetes and so much more. What part of life insurance doesn’t make sense?