Well, Mr Doom and Gloom here. I’ve often talked about the good news for people with diabetes that need life insurance, generally layered thickly with a reminder of all the reasons you should carefully monitor and treat your diabetes for your own good reasons.

Today the news brings a couple of good news jewels for those with diabetes. The first has to do with a newly patented oral insulin. We’ve discussed a number of times the stigma that comes with insulin injections, not to mention the discomfort and the awkwardness of it all. It seems there is very little disagreement that, especially in younger diabetics, an oral alternative would go a long way toward helping patients be more compliant and prudent about their treatment.

The other article came from the naturopathic side, a study showing that cinnamon can have a positive impact on both blood sugar and cholesterol. While the article didn’t provide any specific quantified results, it did show definite positive impacts in a blind study done recently.

Bottom line. Whether by life style changes in eating habits, additions of natural remedies, or by simply making treatment easier to swallow, anything that can help keep diabetes under control is going to add years and good health to a lot of people.