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When i see how some life insurance underwriters treat clients with generalized anxiety, often offering standard rate or worse approvals, I wonder if they’re living in the same country as the rest of us. USA could easily stand for the United States of Anxiety with the roller coaster ride we’ve been on for the last 4 years.

Do life insurance underwriters get the fact that treated anxiety is far better than untreated anxiety which, I think, would be the rest of the people we are living with on the planet. It used to be that treatment of just about anything was cause for jumping a rate class. Underwriting has come around to rewarding those who treat high cholesterol with their best rate class, realizing that not treating is the real mortality risk. Some of the more progressive companies allow treatment of blood pressure at their best rate class.

And the truth is that some of the more progressive companies allow their best rate class with well controlled mild mood disorders like anxiety, depression and ADD. And why not. Just like blood pressure and cholesterol the idea is that if you get the upper hand on the issue it then becomes a non issue from a mortality standpoint. What the underwriters do need to watch for are people who are non compliant with their treatment, but in the absence of non compliance they should just approve it at the best rate class the person would otherwise qualify for. Heck, if I was an underwriter I would be suspicious of anyone in a high pressure job like being a CEO, physician, dentist, attorney or CPA’s during “that time of year” that wasn’t taking Prozac or Zoloft or something. Prozac has been a part of my diet since I started raising my 8 year old granddaughter while working full time helping other people get good rates because of their stress.

The good news is there are realistic underwriters with a clear understanding of the difference between controlled and uncontrolled mood disorders. The truth. The better risk for an insurance company is the person who has come to grips and sought help.

Bottom line. If you feel like a life insurance underwriter teed off on you over a well controlled mood disorder, call or email me directly and let’s talk about how to turn that around.